20 Nov 2018

Forget Brexit, Palace Have A Striker Crisis

We have seen it before and we will see it again, and no, I am not talking about Brexit! Palace are suffering a real crisis of confidence with the front men this season and if it was not for goals from Wilfried Zaha and Luka Milivojevic, the current league position

14 Nov 2018

What Did We Learn From The Defeat To Spurs?

The dust has settled on another narrow loss to one of the big six, but what did we learn from the defeat? 1. The gap between the top six and those outside of it is getting bigger – this and the previous game against Chelsea have been testament to that.

29 Oct 2018

Sad Weekend Sees Football Unite

This past weekend has been a tough one to endure for football, no matter how your team has fared. With the news that former England international and Tottenham Hotspur winger Glenn Hoddle had suffered a heart attack, well wishes were being shared all across the media after learning how serious

27 Oct 2018

Support The Foundation By Entering The Palace For Life Super Draw

The Palace for Life Foundation Super Draw for the 2018/19 season now boasts a bigger jackpot of £2,000 and can now be played online, as well as at Selhurst Park. The draw is made at half-time of every Palace home game, with ticket sales providing the Foundation with critical extra

26 Oct 2018

Life Being A Palace Fan Is Insane But We Would Not Change It

The definition of insanity as quoted from Albert Einstein proves to be quite apt when it comes to football. “Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” We all know what happened last Sunday. Our beloved Crystal Palace lost in crushing fashion (again). The winner for Everton came in

25 Oct 2018

How Far Can Roy Hodgson Take Palace?

No matter how talented we think we are, we all have our limitations. But, we can strive to be our best and, in some cases, we may even end up over-achieving. Most Palace fans agree Roy Hodgson has done a brilliant job of steadying the ship since arriving at Selhurst

11 Oct 2018

Zaha Is The Target As He Is The Main Man

Stop Wilfried Zaha and you stop Palace. That is the opinion of most that play the Eagles at the moment and for the most part, it is true. Since his outburst to the media about the harsh treatment that has been handed out to him by the some opposition already

10 Oct 2018

Italian Influences In New York Football Scene

New York City is a massive and historic city. The city is known for it’s immigrants, Ellis Island, the entry into the States for most people is in New York City. Groups tend to stay with their own countrymen. They would also set up social clubs which tended to turn

08 Oct 2018

Five Things We Learnt From The Defeat To Wolves

After another Premier League game at Selhurst Park, we are still waiting for our first Palace goal. Here is what else we learnt from the disappointing defeat to newcomers Wolves. 1. Roy Hodgson is trying to turn Palace into something they’re not. Hark back to the end of last season

26 Sep 2018

Football In The States Continues To Blossom, Hartford City Are Prime Example

When bringing you guys this series it is hard to find a club that we all should know but don’t. The sport has grown so much in the past decade here stateside. While people may know that there are many levels of the sport here, and might know some of