11 Mar 2014

View From Across The Pond – La Liga Sucks

  It is just Scottish football with more money and lapdogs. I love how certain, okay, all mainstream journalists flock to the fact that La Liga is in the same category as the German League or the Premier League. Let’s all laugh at that folks. While we are here, can

17 Feb 2014

Hall Of Fame – Jim Cannon

  We welcome a new regular feature on the site where we look for nominations from fans on former players that should be inducted into The Eagles Beak Hall Of Fame. By popular demand, we kick things off with one of the true Palace legends and a firm fans favourite.   Fact

15 Feb 2014

Player Profile – Jason Puncheon

It was a very impressive ending to the transfer window for Crystal Palace and many fans will be excited to see the club’s new men in action. After seemingly falling behind in the market during January to their relegation rivals, the Eagles miraculously made five signings on the deadline day

08 Feb 2014

New Signings – What To Expect

It is difficult to know what to expect from a new signing. We have already seen what Jason Puncheon has to offer. To give us an insight of their time at their former clubs we have been in touch with a Glasgow Celtic fan, a Blackburn Rovers fan, a Wolverhampton Wanderers fan and a

03 Feb 2014

View From Across the Pond – January Window Worthless

  This article, is has been in my mind for a long time. With the advent of social media, and all the 16 or 40 year olds living in their mother’s basements, it’s made the rant even meaner in my head. The bone, or the main point of this rant,

01 Feb 2014

Deadline Day Dealings

Once again Palace were busy on transfer deadline day. Who knows why clubs leave it to the final day when they have had a whole month to seal some deals. But no matter, the five signings that Palace confirmed yesterday were all good additions. While the focus was on new

13 Jan 2014

View From Across The Pond

Americans are so fickle, but this is FA Cup related. Honest. Finally, in America we are able to see the early rounds of the FA Cup, League Cup and league games every weekend. As well as Scottish matches and LaLiga all on television. This is all good but opens up

07 Jan 2014

Blast From The Past

Last week on Twitter we asked our followers to tweet their thoughts on this question; If you could sign three #CPFC players from the past that you think would have an effect on the current team, who would they be? The response was simply fantastic with well over 100 interactions

06 Jan 2014

View From Across The Pond

So depressED, ranty columns are a big hit, who would have thought that? Well, it’s why I wrote them. But on a whole, the sport is amazing, unless you are a Cardiff fan, and you are miserable right now. Ah to digress. Now to start off 2014 on a better

04 Jan 2014

Player Analysis – Danny Gabbidon

  For this article I’d like to focus on another defender, Danny Gabbidon. Still arguably playing at the top of his game despite being cursed with many injuries and, at the age of thirty-four, he has consistently proved that he is an experienced, reliable defender. This article will be concentrating