26 Oct 2016

It Wasn’t Like That In My Day – Part 1

Contrary to popular belief, football was not invented in 1992 when the Premier League spewed forth out of the Football Association orifice offices. For those of you not familiar with how the formation of the Premier League came about, here is a snipped on the subject from Wikipedia: “In 1990

18 Oct 2016

Overreaction Is Par(dew) For The Course

For the first time since May, I am sitting in my home office, in front of my computer with a cup of tea and two slices of toast. The only way this scene could be improved is if I had a few rashers of crispy bacon between the slices of

11 Oct 2016

The Overhead Kick To Be Banned?

Nothing in football looks more graceful, elegant or beautiful than a well timed and well executed overhead kick. A perfectly timed sliding tackle and an acrobatic flying save come close but an overhead kick sailing into the top corner of the net is a glorious thing. However, these may become

04 Oct 2016

Delaney Embodies The Palace Spirit

This is my first article for TEB and I feel I need to confess something straight away … my favourite current player is Damien Delaney. I don’t think it is anything to be ashamed of but judging by the criticism he’s been receiving on social media recently it’ll certainly put me