Improvement For The Dee As Spoils Shared In Derby

First off, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and as the end of the decade draws to an end, you all have a fantastic New Year.

We have another upbeat article for you this week – that’s two in a row now. Madness.

After our 4-3 victory over Dunfermline, The Dee followed up with a fine 1-0 win in Glasgow against a Patrick Thistle side who had gone undefeated at home in their previous three matches.

It was a fairly comfortably victory for Dundee and it could and should have been more but for a fantastic performance from their goalkeeper Scot Fox and centre half Steven Saunders who put in at least three last ditch tackles.

After the match we had the usual seething post-match interview from their manager Ian McCall who throws the rattle out the pram whenever Dundee come out victorious over any of his sides. He spoke about how they should not have been beaten but in actual fact, we were worthy winners and were able to contain anything they tried to throw at us.

As soon as the final whistle went in that match, our attention instantly turned to our next fixture against rivals Dundee United.

Let’s not beat around the bush, they are running away with this league. They are the only ones in the Championship that have been able to put together a run of form and while ourselves and others stutter along, they have pulled away at the top.

Our previous two derby performances have been underwhelming and I really don’t think many fans were looking forward to this fixture but this time around, we actually showed up and were unlucky not to find the winning goal in this 1-1 draw.

We certainly missed having winger Declan McDaid out due to injury but the team put in a good shift and were fantastic in picking ourselves up after falling behind so early and when another pumping seemed inevitable.

The back and forth between the fans on Twitter has been something else pre and post-match.

On the morning of the game, I saw many a United fan tweet about how this result meant nothing to them, they were so far ahead that it wouldn’t bother them if Dundee won etc etc. Yet at full time, the same people seemed particularly bothered that United did not win by a cricket score and went into full deflection mode as their earlier comments were starting to be picked up on by some Dundee fans.

‘Dundee won the match 1-1, When’s the DVD out?’ and ‘Celebrated like they won the League’ were just some of the weird comments flung our way minutes after the final whistle.

Yeah, me neither. They remain way out in front despite a share of the spoils so they shouldn’t really have let this result get to them as much as it did. Some even spent their time trawling Dundee fans forums after midnight, taking screenshots of various comments. The mind boggles.

The day after, every team around us were beaten which helps us in our quest to get to second in the table. It also makes our next two fixtures massive as we have back to back home matches against second place Inverness and fourth placed Ayr.

Two wins here would hopefully create some daylight between us and the teams trying to force their way into the play-off spots before we go on a run of three very hard away fixtures.

If you’re a long-term fan of my rants, you will know that our next opponents Inverness will be a very tough match but hopefully our recent form continues and we win 3-0 to leapfrog them into second.

Let’s hope that for the new year, we see this Dundee team keep showing the fight they have the past few weeks and then some.



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