We Only Write When We’re Winning, Write When We’re Winning

After four matches without a victory and collecting just one point from a potential twelve, Dundee ended their run of bad results with a 4-3 victory over an inform Dunfermline side, who themselves will probably feel they should have claimed a point despite playing most of the second half with ten-men.

It’s been well over a month since I last filled you in about everything Dundee and that’s mainly because in that time, we have suffered defeats at the hands of Dundee United, Inverness, Queen of the South and were held to a draw from this seasons surprise package, Arbroath.

You must think that I only write when we are winning and you would be 100% correct on that because when we don’t, the fallout only brings high emotions from the fans which has become quite tiresome.

United coasting to victory against us at Dens, I really couldn’t be arsed to bring myself to write about it. Another defeat in the Highlands against Inverness – Jesus wept. Reading Twitter was bad enough without getting involved with an article. QOTS turning us over on our own turf after scoring the winner in the 93rd minute after we had equalised something like 20 seconds before. Who wants to re-live that? Finally the draw away to Arbroath. That result was hardly surprising and the motivation wasn’t there to try and dissect it all.

But here we are, finally grabbing three-points and scoring four in the process. For 60 odd minutes, it was a good performance for a team that had struggled lately and we had blown Dunfermline away to sit on a comfortable 4-1 lead.

Our opener was an own goal but even if the Pars defender hadn’t put it into his own net, we had players lining up to tap it in. The other three goals were well taken and it was delightful to see Kane Hemmings and Danny Johnson both notch a goal each now we have started to line up with two strikers up front.

However good we were doing though, we very nearly shot ourselves in the foot by allowing the Fifers to pull two goals back to set up a nervous end to the match.

Upon looking back at the highlights, the goals were gifted to our opponents by some slack defending, poor goalkeeping and a few key players being forced off with injuries meaning the shape of the team changed. We looked comfortable before then and had Dunfermline, who had been reduced to ten-men, chasing the ball.

Now, I’m not in any way trying to blame the fans at all for what happened but to be honest, it certainly didn’t help the players confidence.

So, we were passing the ball around, Dunfermline weren’t getting a sniff of the ball but we weren’t looking to take it much further to get a fifth. It was some slow build up play but the match had been won and we weren’t in any danger against ten-men. Then it seemed that one pass back to keep possession was too much for some fans who started booing the team. Yup, 4-1 up and we started showing the players we were disgruntled with their play. Unbelievable.

Funnily enough, the fans in the Derry were giving it the ‘ole’ with every pass we made – obviously delighted that we were coasting to a fine win.

Before this happened, our central defender Jordan Forster had another nightmare in defence which led to fans booing him whenever he touched the ball. This only happened once or twice but for someone in a Dundee top playing for us, that’s uncalled for. Rip him apart after the match, tell him he was shite over social media if that’s your thing but when we are desperate for points trying to get back into a play-off spot, venting your anger like that is a no-no in my books.

Obviously I’ll get some stick for telling people that I don’t agree with booing like that, that they pay their money to get in and they are entitled to do so and that’s fair do’s, it just ain’t for me.

The football we have been served up has been shite this season. No one is going to argue with that conclusion but for a huge chunk of the match, we didn’t look threatened at all and had put away four goals in the process after only being able to place a shot on target five times in the previous four fixtures.

The way we nearly crumbled will overshadow most of the good work that the team put in for some but one thing that was notable was the team’s confidence that looked fragile. At times, some of the players looked like they were too afraid to make a mistake and the Pars second goal seemed to suck the life out of them.

The atmosphere at Dens can be toxic at times and honestly, I would say that it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed on the pitch. I’m guilty of being negative on social media by slagging our defeats with silly GIFs and videos but behind all that mocking, I only want to see the players to knuckle down and to pick up victories.

Hopefully we can kick on from this victory and the players shut us all up with a decent run of results over Christmas and New Year.



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