Who Is Daft Enough To Be A Football Fan?

In the space of just over a week, I have had to endure a busted shin while celebrating a goal in the Dundee Derby which was ruled incorrectly offside around thirty seconds after it was scored, a 6-2 pumping in said game, dumped out of a competition named after a chocolate biscuit by a part-time League Two side and witnessed another two defeats on the bounce for Scotland in the Euro Qualifiers.

I could quickly round up this article now by saying that it has been utter shite following the boys in Dark Blue recently but what is the fun in that? If I am suffering, you are all going to suffer!

So, to kick off, I will start with the derby game…

It has been a while since we tasted defeat in this tie so it was always going to be a tough one when it comes around, but it was even more so when it seemed that nothing right was going for us during this 6-2 loss.

We can argue all day long (and some have, believe me) about the offside goal that should have stood, deflected goals and the corner that was given incorrectly that led to another of their goals. But, in truth, none of that matters, especially when we defended like schoolboys. Dundee were well worth the defeat and what is even more annoying, it came against our rivals who barely got out of second gear.

Then on to last Friday – I sat down to watch the Scotland play Russia but it only ended in our inevitable defeat which has become the norm these days for the national team. Two for two in losses so far.

We did have Dundee back in action on Sunday in the Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer Cup (yes, that is the actual name of a cup competition up here) in what should have been a routine and also moral boosting win for the Dee, especially with the strong side we put out.

Was it though? Absolutely not!

Now, I have no affection for this farce of a competition – under 21 sides taking part have killed it. I don’t mind inviting some of the lower league clubs from the rest of the British leagues but the introduction of Colt sides from the Premiership finished it for me.

Nonetheless, we needed a big performance and win from our players. What we got was a humiliating defeat at home against a bunch of part-timers. Again, I have no love at all for this competition and would rather we weren’t in it but Jesus Christ, everyone on the park in a Dundee jersey need to have a long, hard look at themselves before Saturdays clash with Alloa and step up to the plate. It was a torrid display. Three in Three.

Would I have Scotland to cheer me up when we faced  Belgium on Monday night? Don’t be daft! Imagine me having the brass balls to think we could get anything out of the number one ranked football team in the world. Four in Four!

So that’s that. A week and a bit in my shoes. I hope you’ve all enjoyed it, I certainly haven’t. It has been anything but a pleasure.

Still, I’ve been jokingly asked…

‘Who would be daft enough to be a football fan after these defeats?’

My answer?

“What else you gonna do at the weekend?”



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