Sayonara Premiership

It may have not been the most enjoyable articles produced from me this season for TEB but you’ll be glad to know that after this one, you will all get a break from the doom and gloom that surrounds Dundee Football Club for the summer.

I’ve been asked to give a review of our season and I’m sure we can all agree that it has been an absolute disaster from the opening bout until the last.

Our five-year stay in the top-flight ended in the most brutal and unspectacular fashion. If you are unfamiliar with the Scottish game, you only have to take a peek at the league table to realise just how bad us Dundee fans have had it up here.

Put it this way, the vast majority paid roughly £340 for a season ticket and in return, we witnessed just the single home victory In the league.

The fans have basically seen two different teams signed since August of last year along with three different managers or interim bosses holding up in the dugout and despite a few glimmers of hope along the way, it has resulted in the club being relegated with just 21 points to our name.

It’s safe to say that all Dundee fans are glad to see the back of this campaign.

With things going drastically wrong on the field, the fans have also started to direct some frustration at the boardroom. It hasn’t and probably won’t reach the ‘Get Tae F**k’ chants as they are backing the club to the hilt but the frustration is more directed at the decisions that have been made that have landed us in our current situation.

They have a massive decision to make in the coming weeks with who they want to take over from the sacked Jim McIntyre. They need to bring someone in that can galvanise the support and rebuild what’s left of our squad to compete for the Championship title or at worst, a play-off spot.

We already have Inverness Caley manager John Robertson named in the media along with current interim boss James McPake making up a rumoured four-man shortlist.

With interviews being conducted this week, we should have a new man in the hot seat within the next week or two.

Whoever is appointed, not all the fan base will be happy but we need to give the chosen candidate our full backing.

The summer will see them given a clean slate to automatically make this team theirs. At my last count, we had 14 players (including youths) signed to a professional contract but with some whispers that a few have relegation release clauses and could be on their way, the new manager will be able to fill most of the positions with players he wants.

It’s a massive task regardless for anyone who will take over and I can only hope they manage to turn around the fortunes of this club.

So, in summary, my review can be summed up with one word – shite.

“How was the game?” Shite. “Did Dundee play well?” Shite. “How was the pehs?” Shite.

These are just a few of the questions I’m asked after the game so I’ll stay true to my responses to them to describe 2018/19.

Well, that’s all she wrote for the time being. Unless we appoint someone sharpish or it turns out that Hamilton and St Mirren were fielding ineligible players and Dundee have been cheated and we weren’t as bad as we thought, I’m going to try and take my mind off the Dees by taking up another sport like golf.

Judging by my first foray in trying to hit a golf ball, it’s inevitable that it ends with me on the receiving end of a heavy defeat.

Some things never change eh?





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