Relegation Looming But Owners Staying Put

The fat lady is not only warming up, she is making her way to the centre circle of Dens Park to ready herself at our impending relegation that awaits us in one of our next three matches.

Saturday’s heart-breaking 4-3 defeat away to ten-men Motherwell seen us slump to our NINTH consecutive defeat leaving us stuck at the bottom of the table, seven points behind St Mirren with nine to play for.

Bleak, depressing and woeful are words that perfectly sum up this season and our predicament.

It has been a relegation a few years in the making. Decisions on and off the field have seen Dundee go backwards at an alarming rate and this has unfolded in what we see in front of our eyes now with Dundee rooted at the bottom of the table.

It is painful to see our shortcomings in the Premiership, especially when those in charge provide our manager with a top six budget to compete, only to see other clubs with smaller purse strings finish well above us and with ease.

With our 2019/20 campaign 99% being competed in the Championship, let’s hope that our summer transfer budget isn’t handed to our current boss Jim McIntyre.

McIntyre has been the worst Dundee manager EVER. That’s not just me being all dramatic because of our situation, there is cold hard facts to back it up. Just three wins in 28 matches since he took over means he has a 10.71% win percentage and I would put money on that slipping into the single figures by the end of the season.

This is a huge summer for everyone involved at Dens. We need to make the right calls off the field to ensure we are equipped to compete in this hellish league called the ‘Championship.’

One man who has come under great criticism from many fans including myself is Managing Director John Nelms. Many have openly put the blame solely on Nelms for poor decision making behind the scenes which have led to our lowly, disastrous league position.

One can argue that Nelms seems to be taking on the work burden that could be deployed to other people on the board and has come up short in his delivery. That’s been the hot topic in the Dark Blue support for some time and this has seen support for him wane and then seen talk that owners FPS could lose interest if/when we are relegated.

To put our mind at ease, the club released a statement on Tuesday night to confirm their commitment to the club and not only that, will be looking to acquire over 75% control of Dundee with a new share issue in the future. Also, the new Regional Performance Centre in Caird Park which was recently built will become the new training base for the club and also that relegation wouldn’t be a disaster for the club because of their forward planning on being in either division.

There was more chatter about this new proposed new stadium getting back on track. With the planning work nearing completion, it’s only the funding needed sorted out before it reaches the next stage and finally getting this development off the ground. I still and will continue to remain sceptical about this until I see a spade break the ground but it’s still nice to hear that this may be about to take off.

It’s refreshing to see the owners talk in detail about our current situation along with plenty of others but this needs to be a regular thing and not just something that pops up when they are under the spotlight in the press. It is however a step in the right direction with another hopefully being building bridges between the boardroom and fans.

With this campaign drawing to a whimpering close, let’s hope that planning for next season has already begun with changes from top to bottom on the way.

With a proper structure in place to take over from the current failing product, it would be a start to the process of turning around our current fortunes.

As always, MON THE DEE!


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