Dundee Have It All To Do If They Want To Stave Off Relegation

With just five matches remaining in the Scottish Premiership, Dundee have it all to do if they want to stay in the top flight after a horrendous run of seven defeats which leaves us bottom with a pathetic 18 points amassed since August of last year.

This team has steadily regressed since our top six finish in the summer of 2015 but the person in charge for overseeing this has not made the correct decisions to buck this trend and we now find ourselves, and deservedly so, bottom of the league.

It has been tough watching this club edge slowly towards possible relegation and I don’t just mean this season. It’s been a long drawn out affair over the past few years that if it were to happen now, I don’t think may fans would be surprised.

You see, Dundee fans are used to heartbreak. Most of my years following the Dark Blues has heartache etched all over it but when we won the Championship just under five years ago, we all had a sense that those days were behind us. Along with new owners at the helm promising to back us financially, it seemed we would now cement our place among the big guns of Scottish football for the foreseeable future. A new bright era.

What we have now is that bright foreseeable future morphing into a type of ‘Jolly Boys’ Outing’ as we stare down the barrel at a Championship return.

There is however still 15 points up for grabs. We are three behind St Mirren and seven adrift of Hamilton. It is do-able to survive this but realistically this team will have to pick up at least four wins out of five with two of them coming against the teams mentioned above to have a small chance of finishing out of the bottom two. Even with four victories, 10th still seems like a pipe dream. The only problem in all of this is the cold, hard facts that in 33 league matches so far, we have only been victorious in four of them.

Can it be done? Yes, most certainly.

Will it be done? On current form, not a chance.

At best, I think it will be a play-off spot for us if results go our way and we get a bit of luck. This team seem to lose all confidence when they concede a goal. We then struggle to create any chances and if the last few team line-ups are anything to go by, we seem to be leaving the players that can make a difference on the bench. This all has to change and fast.

Some may still be carrying knocks or there may be other reasons they aren’t in the starting eleven but to the best of my knowledge, they are in the matchday squads and not being utilised as they should be. It’s worrying that they are being wasted as substitutes and even more worrying that our manager feels they don’t warrant a spot on the field.

It all looks very bleak right now. There seems to be a real discontent from the fans towards certain individuals in the boardroom from decisions to do with on-field matters to off-field ones such as season ticket prices and lack of regular communication. This team aren’t the worst that has ever graced our field, in fact there are players I would happily have in other Dundee teams from yesteryear but stupid mistakes which have resulted in goals has shot the confidence of this squad.

Thankfully for the players and the fans, we have a week off to get our bearings together.

We take on St Johnstone in Perth next Saturday and if I’ve read my facts and stats correctly, a defeat would be our eighth on the trot and our worst ever run. If this happens it would perfectly sum up this campaign.

If we were able to grab the win on the other hand, it could also be the catalyst to our survival.

A victory could rekindle the belief around this team that they can beat the drop. I don’t for once believe that any of the players don’t care but instead that they are needing that wee bit of luck and a victory to pick them up and give the long-suffering fans in the stands something to cheer about.

It may be all doom and gloom at the moment but I’m waiting on that silver lining appearing to give us all hope. Lets just hope it appears.





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