Goodbye and Good Riddance 2018

First and foremost, let me wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Articles for ‘Mon The Dee’ have been few and far between this season. A combination of moving jobs, midweek matches and ultimately, poor results on the pitch has meant that the motivation to produce up-to-date pieces has been at an all-time low.

My last article came all the way back when ten-man Dundee held out for a draw against The Rangers to move off the bottom of the league. I labelled the team ‘Rejuvenated’ but that turned out to be a hastily made judgement with the next set of five results making a mockery of my claim with only one point being won.

Three away ties all ended in defeat against arguably the top three teams in this league; Kilmarnock, Aberdeen and Celtic. We then were able to stop the run of losses with a point at home to Livingston even though we could and should have done enough to get the win. We then signed off a hellish year with a lacklustre performance against St Johnstone with our opponents claiming a very comfortable 2-0 victory.

Surprisingly, we aren’t cut adrift at the bottom of the table yet. St Mirren only have a two-point lead over us in 11th and Hamilton are just four better off in 10th. Despite sometimes feeling that all is lost and this season is a complete washout, we have to remind ourselves that there are two other teams beside us who are equally as bad and it will come down to how well each club does in the January transfer window.

Dundee have already got rid of four players with two of those heading back to their parent clubs following the end of their loans. Another five players have also been told to pack their bags if they can find another team and I’m sure that there may be one or two other players being told they are surplus to requirements.

It’s going to be a busy transfer window for the Dee and my wild guess is we will see ten players move on with eight coming in. We need major surgery to turn this team into a unit that can survive relegation and it will only be time before the club start announcing new signings.

Of course, St Mirren and Hamilton will also be looking to strengthen but the hope we all have stems from our rich owner Tim Keyes opening his cheque book to ensure another season in the Premiership, so we can then move on from the McCann reign which has led us into our current predicament.

If Jim McIntyre can get the right players in, we will just do enough in my opinion to survive dropping down to the Championship but either way, it will be a tough time between now and May to see how this pans out.

Calendar Year League Performance 2018
P37 W7 D6 L24 F28 A78 PTS27

The above horrific looking statistics are how we have fared this calendar year. What makes it even worse is that three of these victories came within a two-week period last season in April/May.

Also, just to continue the doom and gloom, we shipped three goals or more thirteen times!

I don’t think you can describe 2018 as anything other than, and pardon my French, shite!

We have seen this team go backwards the last few years and this summer was when we went full pelt into reverse and into a brick wall.

Just 27 points collected over the year is a real eye opener to just how bad we are and realistically, that’s around the same amount of points we will need to accumulate between now and the end of the season to ensure survival in this league.

It’s a very sobering situation.

So, with that in mind, goodbye 2018. I’ve never been so glad to see the back of a footballing year as much as you and there are many words I could describe you that aren’t exactly PG.

Hello 2019. Please be a little kinder to us.





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