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Another Weekend, Another Defeat For The Dee

Dundee succumbed to yet another defeat as Rangers struck four past Dundee and heaped more misery on the fans who travelled from the City of Discovery, and to the ones who were following from home.

Luckily for me, I was away all weekend at my best friend’s wedding at a location that had next to no mobile signal, so by the time it was revealed to me that we had been hammered, I was already well on my way to being hammered thanks to the alcoholic beverages that were flowing.

I promised the groom, who supports Rangers, that come the end of the night I would be dancing away to a Dundee win courtesy of a Kenny Miller winner but alas, I was cursing him like a madman after being informed that the striker had been sent off while swigging whisky from my hipflask, making no sense at all to the sober night guests that had just arrived.

Having briefly watched the highlights since stumbling home, it seemed it was another horror show. That’s as far as I’ve looked into this match. I’ve had a great weekend and for the first time all season, I wasn’t going to allow Dundee to ruin that by picking away at the bones of yet another defeat right away.

Now that the hangover has subsided, I can now look at the aftermath.

Our fifth straight league defeat this campaign has seen us match an unwanted record of our worst ever start to a season in the league that stems all the way back to 1928-29. A defeat to Hibs this Saturday will banish the old one and create a new record for us to look at with dismay and heap even more pressure on an underperforming squad, management team and board.

In all honesty, I can’t see how or when our bad run will end. The whole team don’t just seem disjointed, they really look out of ideas.

I’m all out of ideas myself. I know I come on here sometimes and give my thoughts on how we can turn this around but ultimately, I’m no football manager. In fact, I’m terrible and there’s a reason why I’ve not played any management sims since Championship Manager 97.



If I keep typing, I’m almost certainly going to start sounding like a broken record and go over the same old things that have been haunting us not just this season but also last.

I would say one thing though, a defeat on Saturday at home to Hibs will in my eyes end Neil McCann’s’ reign as manager. I can’t see how he would be able to recover from six straight defeats. So far, we have only scored twice whilst flogging eleven goals, something that I had never realised until last week’s ‘Walking Down the Provie Road Podcast!’

Since taking over, McCann has only been able to be victorious SIX times at home in the League. Is it any wonder that fans aren’t flocking back to see us at Dens? Even some diehards are seeing turning up as a chore.

Of course, we will all live and hope that we can get a result on Saturday. We moan a hell of a lot of the time, get in arguments with each another and want things to change albeit wanting a new manager or the current regime to finally hit a green patch but at the end of the day, we all want the same thing and that is Dundee to start picking up points and moving up the table.

For me, a clean sheet and a point would be a good start. It would be a massive confidence booster and also relieve McCann of some of the heavy pressure that is on his shoulders.




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