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Toothless Dundee Serve Up Cup Shocker

Remember my article last week about how we have played well and it was only our lack of killer instinct that was holding us back? Well forget it, forget it all. Rip it up, throw it in the bin then burn it.

The humiliating defeat at home to Championship side Ayr United on Saturday went against my earlier appraisal of the team and only produced major questions marks over the managers’ tenure as Dundee boss.

Let’s get this out the way first. None of what I’m about to say is in any way an excuse for the pathetic display that we were made to ensure at the weekend.

Ayr deservedly won the tie and if truth be told, 3-0 flattered us. They came at us, used the wings and were not afraid to make that all important through ball to create chances.

Well done to Ayr and also to their fans who sang from the first minute to the last. Good luck in the Quarter Finals of the League Cup.

Now back to Dundee. That was horrific, pathetic, and atrocious.

Last season it seemed that Neil McCann would fall to the sword and be sacked but after the league split, he managed to get a string of results that not only kept the team in the Premiership but also kept him in his job. He really needed to hit the ground running this campaign but his team have failed to do so and now the pressure is firmly on him.

Every Dundee fan I know wanted him to become a success but he has clung onto his job by the skin of his teeth and despite only being two league games into the current season, the results and also the performances in the League Cup suggest that we will see the same type of slow, turgid build up play that has proven to be ineffective time after time.

When teams play us, they go direct, they go down the wings and they don’t give us a minute’s peace. We on the other hand play a slow side pass routine, offer no width and when we do, our crossing is as bad as our attempts on target tally. We also let the other teams run with the ball which infuriates me greatly.

The fans are calling for his head. They are fed up of the same style of play that has brought us no further than we got during the Paul Hartley era. Fans aren’t exactly flocking to Dens Park with only six league wins since he took over and that’s including as interim manager. Just to be clear, that’s six wins, four draws and twelve defeats at Dens under McCann’s watch.

There are constant rumours of fallings out with various personal and only recently, and former player – Julen Extabeguren – gave an interview putting the boot in McCann and his man management skills.

It’s all becoming very frustrating. Our progress on the field has gone backwards since promotion and though the blame won’t just fall at Neil’s doorstep, the tombola he uses to pick his teams, formation and captain each week has contributed towards it. Another season of mediocre and relying on other teams around us being just as bad to avoid relegation is not on.

For the fans wanting him gone, I don’t think we will see that just now. Our American owners will more than likely give him time to prove he’s the person to lead Dundee but they must surely be wanting to have a word with him after our failure to beat the second Championship team to visit Dens this season.

He must surely see his style of play isn’t working? A manager is there to produce results and in my opinion, they must do so at any expense. It’s a result driven business that even the most stubborn of person should be able to see. Shouldn’t they?

This may come across as a huge rant, some people will agree, others won’t but it was written in the immediate aftermath of the Ayr defeat. Emotions are running high and despite if you think someone is a happy clapper or just being negative, we all want the best for the club. There is no denying that.

If McCann is still in the dugout this Saturday in Perth, I can only hope that he’s noticed and read that he fans aren’t happy and he has to change it. Get back to basics. Realise that playing it out from the back isn’t working and doing so gives the opposition time needed to reorganise themselves in their own half. Add some width to the team. Play with some urgency.

Get out there and show you have something to prove because everyone from the management team and squad now do.

Until next week, Mon the Dee!



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