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Dismal Dundee Hammered By County At Home

Ah, where do I start? Hammered at home 4-1 by a team sitting bottom of the table, winless in THIRTEEN matches and rumours of their managers head being on the chopping block.

This is of course Dundee Football Club and if you have followed my weekly articles since I started writing for TEB, then you will not be surprised whatsoever at this result.

Being serious for a moment, that was as a horrific performance and score line that I have seen at Dens in a long while. What about the 7-0 drubbing last season by Aberdeen I hear you say? Well, I thankfully never attended that match so it doesn’t count!

Form the get go, we seemed all over the place. Ross County have not been in great shape but they created chances early on and if it wasn’t for very poor finishing, could have maybe found themselves in front. The first half was fairly even though but the warning signs were there but we did not heed them and found ourselves behind.

We were quick to equalise and seemed to find our feet after that and from my point of view, looked like a team that was growing in confidence. This did not last long and the confidence was shot from a cannon right out of Dens when a slack backpass resulted in County reclaiming the lead.

From then on, there was only ever going to be one winner and they added a further two goals which even now, makes me cringe at how easily they carved open our defence. I will not even try to describe them as it still angers me and I do not want to lose it and start volleying my laptop around the room.

It is what the score line says, a hammering.

Neil McCann has come out and held his hands up to getting this wrong and he got it very wrong. We had no width, had no vision going forward and our attacks were as rare as a Halley’s Comet sighting. It was dire to watch and this was evident in the fact that there seemed to only be a small percentage of the home crowd still in the stadium come the final whistle. It did make driving home relaxing as there were no queues so silver linings and all that.

After a dire transfer deadline day, we needed a big result to lift the support but this failed to materialise. I will not go blaming Wednesday on this defeat though, that is the easy option. Do I feel that the team should have been improved? Yes, 100%, but the players we have should still have had enough in them to beat a County side on a shocking run.

There is no point dwelling on this now though, we move on and we move on to the Scottish Cup this weekend.

We host Motherwell with a place in the Quarter Finals at stake. Again, for people who read my drivel every week, you may have noticed that I do not speak much about the cups up here. That is because our record in both the League and Scottish Cup are woeful. We never seem to muster any assault in our attempts to end the barren run of forty something years since we last lifted some silverware and it is way pass the 100 year mark since we last won one.

Nonetheless, I really hope the team go out on Saturday with something to prove after that defeat. We have had all the sound bites from various players in the papers since promising this so I can only hope they fulfil their promise and deliver.

A victory over Motherwell will not be easy in the slightest mind you. I would not even put it past them coming here expecting the victory and a place in the next round.

For all my moaning above, I still feel optimistic going into this tie. I still believe we have the players to keep on picking up wins but they will have to grind out the results without the added comfort of knowing we have Hendry at the back or Allan who can create chances out of nowhere.

I feel this is a huge match for the gaffer. He will be keen to right the (many) wrongs from the weekend and taking the step to the Quarter Finals and potential ninety minutes from Hampden will be the type of sweetener that can spur himself and the team on.

Hopefully next week, that is what I will be talking about!


It was a full fixture card last Saturday in the Big League in Scotland with quite a few upsets.

Steve Clarke continued his amazing job and turning around the fortunes of Kilmarnock as they beat Champions Celtic in Ayrshire by a single goal. Hibernian visited Ibrox and came away with the points in a 2-1 victory. This result will have infuriated the Rangers faithful since old counterpart Neil Lennon was in the opposite dugout.

It was business as usual for Aberdeen who knocked three past Hamilton who continue their slide into the bottom two. The way they are playing at the moment, I fully expect the Accies to hit the bottom sometime soon. Hearts beat another team on the slide, St Johnstone, at home. This result was expected.

Motherwell left it late but they scored late on and shared the points with Partick Thistle.




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