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Dundee Finish The Season With Barely A Whimper

Thank god we have finally seen the back of that season.

Another hopeless campaign in both the Scottish and League Cup along with a mediocre league finish considering the budget that our then boss, Paul Hartley, had been handed. It was truly a dismal season for the team with the only shining light being the arrival of Neil McCann who was able to lead us to safety and tell it like he saw it.

Don’t get me wrong, we did have some good moments.

Our comeback against Hearts, the New Years Eve victory over St Johnstone, a win against The Rangers and the demolishing of Mothewell. Throw onto that small pile McCann’s two wins in there as well for good measure as they were pivotal in keeping us up.

Unfortunately, that’s your lot.

The problem for us this season was that there didn’t seem to be any ‘Plan B’ the majority of the time. If things were going wrong for us, that was that. Most of our players on the bench were ‘like for like’ and there was a real lack of game changers within the squad.

We lacked a creative midfielder, we lacked any width and we lacked a proven goalscorer to lead the line. It’s like a broken record saying this but when you sell the likes of Greg Stewart and Kane Hemmings, and replace them with players who are either a) not ready or b) not good enough, you’re in for a tough season.

That’s exactly what happened with many predicting it. I can hold my hands up and say that I was hoping the players brought in would make the grade. This wishful thinking went on for a while with myself. I guess you can put that down as blind faith.

The departure of Gary Harkins was another that wasn’t properly replaced and despite not having the legs to play every ninety minutes, he was still a player that would have added something on the field.

We now have a massive rebuilding job on our hands at Dundee. Well the new manager does, regardless of who the board of directors see fit to appoint.

There are a few players that have failed to make an impact on lengthy contracts while there are others that are at the end of theirs and need deciding on if the cash is there to stick or twist. The sooner a new gaffer is appointed the better.

The bottom line is, we will see another squad upheaval this summer? Possibly the 32nd in my 32 years following the Dee!

I am hopefully that the wrongs of last season will be corrected but it will take a big character to come in, be ruthless and do what is best for this team.

Whoever does will need to build his squad around the likes of Scott Bain, if we can persuade him to stay that is, Darren O’Dea, Craig Wighton, Faissal El Bakhtaoui and Player of the Year, Cammy Kerr.

So that’s it from me for another season. It’s a pity that most of my articles weren’t exactly the most riveting, talking up victory after victory with a few magic cup runs but I am saving that for next season! Thank you for reading my ramblings about the mighty Dee.




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Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

Daniel has been a Dundee fan for thirty-something years. He Was invited to write for TEB following the Julian Speroni Testimonial. Uses the excuse for drinking on following The Dee.

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