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Veni, Vidi, Vici

Neil McCann successfully achieved what he was brought in to do and steer Dundee to safety.

With Hamilton unable to beat Ross County on Tuesday night, it would mean that our Premiership status was all but confirmed before our game against Inverness the following evening.

It was an amazing turnaround for this team. All the hard work that had been done around the club was in danger of being undone but thankfully, we were able to pull through. Thank god we did because I don’t know if I had the stomach to play in the play offs. Especially if we came up against our wee neighbours from down the road.

For the first time since, well, a very long time, I was able to relax before last night’s game. It would seem that the team had the same idea as well because not only did we fall behind after only a few minutes, we were two down within the first ten. The game would end in favour to Inverness Caledonian Thistle, a result that gives them hope that they can move off the bottom of the league on Saturday.

It was a disappointing end to our last home game of the season. With the state Inverness are in, we should have been taking care of them easily. Now, I’m not wanting to have a go at anyone or the team but all this defeat did was highlight that this squad needs upgrading. We will no doubt be about to witness another summer of players coming in and players leaving.

The big question is, will McCann be the man to oversee these changes?

There’s no doubting that he deserves to be offered the job but will he want to take it? He can easily leave us with his legendary status the highest it’s ever been and no one will hold that against him. McCann has his comfy Sky Sports job to go back to if he wanted but now he has got his nails into this management gig, I think we can see him in the dugout out next term.

He says all the right things in the press. He was able to motivate a team that’s confidence had been depleted. He has the full backing of the fans. When you look at some of the names that are out there and looking for a club, I’d rather be picking McCann over them despite his lack of experience compared to some.

We will more than likely hear an announcement in the coming weeks about who will become our permanent manager but in the meantime, we have one more game to play this season before we can take some time off and plan for next season.

Dundee take on Hamilton in what will be a tasty encounter. If Inverness win, Hamilton must beat us to stop themselves being relegated.

Both clubs have a rivalry that goes all the way back when we battled them for the old First Division title a few years ago. It also was raised up a notch when we went into the last game of the 2013/14 season needing just a draw to win the league due to our goal difference being vastly superior with us being eight goals better off.

What happened next was Hamilton winning 10-2 against Morton. We got the win so it never mattered come the final whistle but to this day, quite a few fans feel there was something fishy that happened at Hamilton’s ground that day.

There were jokes that the Morton players left the ground with a brown parcel under each of their arms but you know what, when you look at their performance that day and how it panned out, it wouldn’t surprise me.

So we may get the chance to send Hamilton down at the weekend if Caley can pick up the three points. I’m sure plenty of our support will revel in that if it were to happen.




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