TEB Triumph In Predictions Challenge

We tried something new this season with thanks to the guys at The Sports Predictor and it has certainly saved the team here at TEB plenty of time.

There were two leagues, one for bloggers and one for fans to challenge the team here at TEB. Thankfully, the challenge this season has proved futile for all comers and TEB have been triumphant.

Here are the final standings.

TEB Bloggers Challenge

1    TEB    37560
2    Jim Daly    36360
3    PalaceFanTV    35865
4    SusieWong    35125
5    GIFS_CPFC    34595
6    RedNBlueArmy    34270
7    EPL RoundT    31880
8    PalaceStats    29110
9    PalaceMemes    28190
10    PalaceLadies    28050

TEB Fan Challenge

1    TEB    37560
2    Lingy_Eagle    35475
3    TheGoodGuy    31715
4    GasGod7    31640
5    Gwatcheater    31110
6    JezEagle    30175
7    Pets93    28810
8    Dare_To_Soar    28195
9    CharGod98    27990
10    JorgeCPFC    26385

Previous Prediction League Winners

  • 2014/15 – EPL Roundtable
  • 2014 World Cup – Palace Memes
  • 2013/14  – HLTCO

European Championship Predictions League

ENTER NOW! TEB invites fans to join ‘TEB Fans League’ which is a mini-league run by Predict the Football, a site where you can show just how much you know about football, by predicting the results of UEFA Euro 2016 fixtures. To enter is simple. First, you need to sign up for your free profile then go to the ‘Join Mini-League’ page and enter the code 489721. Good luck with your predictions!

Premier League Predictions League 2016/17

Next season we will have just one league for all to join in so if you fancy challenging the team here at TEB, stay in touch with us across all of our social media platforms throughout the summer for details.




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