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A Scottish Cup Draw To Remember

“I do however fully expect us to win this game comfortably.”

Those were the famous last words I wrote in my article last week when looking ahead at our Scottish Cup tie against Dumbarton. This is why I never seem to win at the bookies!

In all fairness, both teams were playing in horrendous conditions and on a pitch that had been torn up. Add that to the fact that Dumbarton defended with their backs to the wall and when we did manage to get a shot on target it either hit the post, was cleared off the line or disallowed for being offside. It was never going to be our day. I am just glad that Dumbarton never sucker punched us, which with it being the cup you can never rule out.

We do however get another crack at it in a few weeks time which I am sure will end up in a victory for the Dark Blues. Yes, I did say the same thing last week but this time we have home advantage. Nothing can go wrong, can it?

Staying on the subject of the Scottish Cup, who here saw the Quarter Final draw live on Sky Sports? Who here laughed at the botched job?



Let us be honest, we are not the first people to cock up a cup draw and we sure will not be the last.

I think it was the fact that it happened live on national television that makes it cringe worthy viewing. The Scottish Football Association are not exactly known for running our game smoothly and to make a balls up of a small thing such highlights just how incompetent the whole thing is.

Why does it have to be names out of a hat? Can we not move on to newer methods and just designate each team a number and pull them out? No doubt that will be the big talking point over the next few days. Well, up here at least. I suspect the rest of the United Kingdom are too busy chuckling away at themselves over this fiasco.

I think the SFA might keep it the same mind you. I heard it is easier to heat these balls up in the hope of having a Celtic versus Rangers final.

Onto the draw itself and I for one am bitterly disappointed that we went from having a home tie to now either having to travel to Kilmarnock or Rangers. Every time I sit down to watch a cup draw with Dundee, I am always rooting for a home tie regardless of the opposition. This is of course granted that we get past Dumbarton first.

We could have had worse draws though. Straight away I was hoping to avoid Hibernian/Hearts, Celtic and Ross County. I did have all my fingers crossed for a Morton cup tie but alas it was not meant to be. We can easily go to Rugby Park and beat Kilmarnock which we have proven this season already but if Ibrox is the destination, we can easily come away from there with the win also.

I did cheekily tweet that it would be the first competitive game between the clubs if we did face off together and it was met with utter seethe from the Rangers loyal. It would seem they are a bit precious about this type of chat and emotions get the better of them. It was fun to witness some of their meltdowns though.

Onto our next game and we will be facing off against St Johnstone on Friday night. This game is of course on BT Sport kicking off at 7.45pm.

St Johnstone have hit a bad bit of form lately with no wins in six games so they are there for the taking. They have also bent over and let Rangers rob them of their best player for half a million quid so they have weakened their starting eleven when they could have done with him the most.

We of course have been winning a good few games lately and should go into this game all guns blazing. Fourteen goals in our last six games tells us that we can create and score goals easily and with the chance of leapfrogging the Saints into fifth spot in the league, here’s hoping we can add even more to that tally.

Kane Hemmings was voted the Premiership Player of the Month with the goals he has scored recently so hoping he can go out and continue his fine form with another few.




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