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For our latest interview we had a chat with Remy Sylvester, an avid Palace fan, student and radio show presenter and producer. Read on to find out what Remy told us about her passion for Palace and music.

Q. So let us begin with the most obvious question for you, why Crystal Palace?

My Grandad. He was originally from Whitby and followed Barnsley. He moved south and worked for Caterham’s St Lawrence’s hospital. Close to South Croydon, he developed a soft spot for a Crystal Palace. He regularly went to games, taking my Dad with him. I guess it is family influence which steered me towards the club.

South Croydon holds sentimental value too, my Grandad sadly passed away when I was young. In memory and in recognition of his professional achievements, a day centre in South Croydon was named after him – The Peter Sylvester Centre. En route to Palace, passing the building is routine. A way in which I, my family, connect with my Grandad.

Q. How would you assess the last five years at the club?

Crazy. Exciting. Unpredictable. No-one could have written the season they survived promotion to the Premier League. Bookies favourites for relegation. No-one would have had Palace finishing position down as only four places behind the previous seasons champions, Manchester United. Incredible.

Q. Where do you see the club in five years’ time?

Stable. Mid-table in the League. I can see the club holding some kind of silverware. The League Cup or something, I do not think it is out of reach.

Q. Are you against modern football and if so, why?

Nothing frustrates me more than the stopping and starting of play. I think there should be a limit on how many times a referee can blow his whistle! Theatrical injuries and dives are the bane of modern football. However, saying this, no players in the Premier League this season (so far) have been booked for diving!

Q. How did you get involved in radio?

I have always been really into music and gigging. I enjoy talking about new music and bands I like, so applied for work experience at Meridian FM. I instantly fell in love with the people, the environment and the the station. A local at the pub I worked at recommended me to their friend, managing director of SUSY Radio. This lead to having slots on both stations. Entirely different shows, one all about new music, the other all about football.

Q. How did the Back Of The Net football show come about and how is it going?

I got my foot in the door at SUSY by offering to help one of their sports presenters write content for the sports show. So I did. It was okay however, I quickly discovered that I had no interest in rugby or cricket or motor racing, just football. I stuck at it though and it was still fun. Later down the line a slot became available for a weekly 7-9pm show. With two friends I made during my SUSY journey, we pitched the idea of a football show to the directors and they went for it. Back Of The Net was born.

It is going well. We have an excellent team of hardworking, committed volunteers. It is by no means perfect but each week the show is going from strength to strength. It is exciting. A project I have nurtured from the beginning has begun to take shape.

Q. Are there any new artists out there that you would recommend to us?

Probably not the best question to ask a music enthusiast who could literally go on for days about new music! Bands I love at the moment – Nothing But Thieves, Sunset Sons, Peace, Circa Waves, The Early November. As for local artists that are really cool – Lost In Venice, Archie Sylvester, Thomas Jewett.

Q. What do you find most rewarding working in radio and what tips would you give to any budding DJs?

The most rewarding part of my job has been creating our ‘youth academy‘. Back Of The Net have two very young, very talented, school kids on board. They help write blog posts, co-write and co-present and they are both thriving.

“Everyone at school thinks I’m so cool!!”

My tips – Find the positive in negative situations. All experience is good experience. Let your passions drive your shows. If you want to get into radio presenting, you have to be able to speak. Nothing is more convincing than a passionate DJ. I worked on a drive time show for about eight weeks. Lots of traffic and travel updates, news, and in my opinion, rubbish songs. It was not for me. My heart was not in it, I did not enjoy it. The enthusiasm and passion was not there.

Q. And finally, tell us about any projects that you are currently working on or anything that you wish to promote.

Aside from Back Of The Net on SUSY Radio, I present #newmusictuesday fortnightly on Meridian FM. I am very passionate about gigs and new music and blog my thoughts on, check it out.

I have a new radio project on the horizon producing a music show for a new station. However it is early days, so there is not too much to say on the subject. Hit me up on my Twitter if there are any new bands or artists who want some radio play. I love listening to unsigned musicians.

Tune in to Back Of The Net, Thursday’s 7-9pm on 103.4 Susy Radio FM, online by or via smartphone app TuneIn. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook and our blog site.

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Jay Crame

Jay Crame

Jay is the founder of TEB and site editor. An avid Palace fan since the late eighties with a passion for music and far too many other sports. Presenter and producer of The Meridian Sports Show on Meridian FM.

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