Fan Profile – Adam Johnson


Our very own match preview writer and Northern correspondent Adam Johnson takes on our fan latest fan profile Q&A. Here is all you need to know about our lad from The Lakes.


Q. Name, age and location (include Twitter handle if you have one)?

Adam Johnson (Twitter @AdAmCpFc91 – Facebook Funghoul91). 22 years old. Windermere, South Lakes, Cumbria


Q. Do you follow any other sports teams?

Dallas Cowboys (NFL), Essex Eagles (Cricket), Saracens (Rugby Union) and Warrington Wolves (Rugby League)


Q. When did you become a Palace fan and why?

I was taken to Selhurst Park for the first time in 1995 to watch a game against Oldham Athletic which ended in a 1-1 draw. I fell in love with the spectacle and the fans were amazing (loved being able to swear at the tender age of 4!)


Q. What is your most memorable moment as a Palace fan?

It’s a straight split between watching us hammer Brighton 5-0 in Ocotber 2002 and seeing us go up by winning the play off final at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff in 2004.


Q. What is your worst moment as a Palace fan?

Being at work waiting to hear if we were about to go out of business in June 2010.


Q. Who is your favourite current Palace player?

Defender Joel Ward


Q. Who is your favourite all time Palace player?

Julian Speroni. The hands of god and such a loyal servant to the club. He will be missed dearly if he ever leaves


Q. Who is your favourite all time non Palace player

David Beckham. A hero for England and such a humble man. He has done so much for the game.


Q. Which three former Palace players would make a difference to the current team and why?

Andy Johnson. Goals! Need I say more? Victor Moses. He hass everything Zaha had but a lot of Premier league and Champions League experience. And finally, Shaun Derry. It would be like have two Jedinak’s in the middle. Solid.


Q. Who is your most disliked football team?

It has to be Brighton! I have a distain for Millwall, Charlton and Manchester United too. Barca annoy me as well.


 Q. Selhurst Park – stay and improve or new stadium?

I think we should be worrying about becoming an established premier league club first. Do up selhurst for the time being and look to move should we need it hopefully when we start entertaining Real Madrid and Inter. (whilst laughing at Brighton hosting Yeovil).


Q. What is the best item of football memorabilia you own?

My signed shirt from the 2004/2005 season. I got to go on the team bus and have it signed by the players themselves.


Q. In just three words, how would you best describe Palace?

A beautiful rollercoaster


Q. And finally, tell us about anything that would like to promote of just about yourself.

I work in Windermere as a wedding co-ordinator and have lived here for the past five years. I was born in Chelmsford, Essex and have had a brief stint living in Amsterdam, Holland. I moved up to the North East in 1996 where I’ve spent most of my life through school and college. I’m a devoted Uncle to three nephews and two nieces and am myself the youngest of four. I also play the guitar and bass and I’m a huge fan of the WWE.


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