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Who’d have thunk it.

Twelve months on from the appointment of Ian Holloway to replace Dougie Freedman we find ourselves in the very same position. Looking for a new manager which, at the time of writing, the search continues.

So much has happened in that twelve month period after losing Dougie to Bolton. And Lennie. And Curtis. And Andre. Not a lot has been done wrong but we have genuinely suffered from a severe lack of infrastructure dating back to 2010 when the club was stripped bare other than for the modesty of the youth academy.

Promotion to the Premier League caught everyone by surprise not least the owners who at their own admittance, have been a little naive in their approach. Many could forgive them for that. Being a fan has always been about supporting the club through thick and thin but even the most positive of us never saw promotion coming. That is all in the history books. It’s what happens going forward now.

Here we are on four points and bottom of the table. At least we can say that we are the strongest team in the Premier League seeing as we are holding up all the other nineteen teams. I’ll get my coat ….

In truth, I expected pretty much what has happened so far. What I was not prepared for was how close we have actually been to getting some good results. We do have a win and a draw but I expected us to be outplayed more than we have. A lot more. But the fact remains, we haven’t. A loss at home to Fulham was a little false, outplaying the fellow Londoners until two stunning goals which killed us off. That is how it has gone. No luck whatsoever.

Dubious penalties given against us at home to Spurs and then away at Anfield and Old Trafford. A ban and fine for Holloway. What sums it all up for me is the sliced clearance by Sako at Anfield. He was already looking upfield to where he wanted it to go. Any other time, the way he connected with it, the ball would have ended up in the back of the net. Not for us. It bobbled past the post and the best we got from that was a corner.

On the Sky Sports programme ‘Goals On Sunday’, Holloway was a guest alone with Ian Wright and spoke on why here left Palace which you can watch here.

Now we move on into life post Holloway. It has been compelling to watch. The media scrabbling over who will be next to take charge of the bottom club in the Premier League. Pulis, Di Matteo, O’Neil and Coleman were the early contenders. Then came Karanka and Muelensteen. The bookies don’t have a clue what is going on and neither do we. Around eight different ‘favourites’ for the job so far and still counting.

Since the departure of Neil Warnock, who left for QPR in 2010, Palace have had four managers including Holloway. The ‘inbetweeners’ were Paul Hart, George Burley and Dougie Freedman. That is not including caretaker managers Lennie Lawrence, Curtis Fleming and Keith Millen. The big question is, who will be next?

What has been positive in all this is that the owners have done their business in the right way and kept their thoughts very much close to their chest. Not doing their business in the media spotlight as so many do. Plus the fact that former Watford and Cardiff man Iain Moody has been appointed in a sporting director type capacity. The very same that was sacked by the Cardiff owner much to the dismay of manager Malky Mackay. Adding two plus two and getting five? You wouldn’t be alone in that thinking.

I have to think though with the next run of games that feature Hull, Norwich, Cardiff and West Ham we need to get someone in soon. It has to be the right man and one that the owners are confident with.  These are four games that we need to hit the ground running and appointing the new manager ready for a full week of training next week will be key. We need to build on the great result that was achieved against Everton at the weekend.

The season is far from over ….

Article written by Jay Crame


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