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Dundee Finally Win and A New Hope Arrives

It’s been a torrid time following The Dee recently.

Confidence and faith in the team have been severely depleted within the support and more importantly, the players.

Saturday’s victory over Motherwell helped to massively restore everything that was lacking around the club the past few months. This was our first win in seven matches. It was also our first goals from open play in seven matches. It was critical we ended these runs and we did so with a bit of style.

I did have the fear going into this game mind you. Neil McCann had been saying all the right things in the press. The team looked like they were actually enjoying training and more importantly, I had seen more than one photo of Paul McGowan actually smiling during the week. Ask any Dundee fan, normally when there is any type of feel good factor happening at the club, we always seem to blow it. This was my fear.

Thankfully these thoughts of mine were quashed. Followed by a massive travelling support, the players, backroom staff and new gaffer delivered. They delivered big time.

Many people laughed at McCann’s appointment but they seemed to be silenced just now. I know it’s only one game but here’s hoping that he can continue to do so. There seems to be a new mood surrounding the club since he came in and this has spread over into the fans, with most excited about what he can do.

With Hamilton going down at Rugby Park to Kilmarnock, our victory lifted us over Motherwell and the Accies. It may only be a point that separates us from these two teams but it’s now in our hands. Throw into the mix a Ross County win at home to Inverness and it now puts us seven points ahead of the automatic relegation spot with twelve left to play for.

Ending that winless streak was one of the hardest things this team have had to do this season but now they have to go one better when we visit Kilmarnock on Saturday.

Kilmarnock have the second worst home record in the league (they did have the worst until Saturday’s win) and even though our away form isn’t something to strike fear into our opponents, we must surely going to Rugby Park aiming for all three points.

It’s certainly squeaky bum time for the bottom four teams. All I can think about is what the league will look like if we win here, our rivals drop points there and vice versa.

There is no telling how this will pan out but one thing we have to hope for is, we have used all our bad luck this season and it’s now another teams turn to experience it.

So come Saturday, hopefully we will see a massive Dark Blue support descend on Ayrshire because the players need us more than ever. They saw just how much staying up means to us when the final whistle went at the weekend.

Let’s keep encouraging the team when something isn’t going right on the field. With every misplaced pass, with every shot that may hit row Z, it has to be met with encouragement that the next time it will meet the man or the back of the net instead of some poor guy or girls face who thought they were safe at the back of the stand!

There is no doubting the backing, especially Saturday’s, but let’s up the ante a few more notches. Let’s get the blood pumping, lets show them we will survive this!




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Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

Daniel has been a Dundee fan for thirty-something years. He Was invited to write for TEB following the Julian Speroni Testimonial. Uses the excuse for drinking on following The Dee.

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