27 Jul 2013

A Day At Wembley

Well it was the day all Palace fans dreamed of, a day at the new Wembley Stadium.  I was at the game and the pre match build up was something else, it was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. But the game itself in my eyes was a bit dull

25 Jul 2013

Five Keys To Success

It’s great to be back in the Premier League, but if we want to stay there then Holloway and the team have some work to do. There are loads of things that will determine how well we do in the coming season but I’ve picked out just five that, in

23 Jul 2013

Reasons To Be Cheerful

History would suggest that after another promotion to the Premier League, the Palace rollercoaster would have another dip with relegation straight back to the Championship. But that’s just what it is ….. history, stats and the experts writing us off at the start of every top flight campaign but we

11 Jul 2013

The Bald Eagle

Attilio Lombardo. World class. The best player to have ever pulled on a Palace shirt.A bold statement perhaps, but just take a moment to consider what is being said here. Think back to the day when Palace first announced the signing of our new number 7, Attillio Lombardo. Here is

03 Jul 2013

Dreams Can Come True

This is a story of a local football team that ten years ago began a remarkable run. A village in the heart of North Wales called Bala. I had the pleasure of visiting a few years back. In terms of location I guess you would find it somewhere between Wrexham

01 Jul 2013

What Could Have Been

The late eighties and early nineties were seriously heady days. It was perhaps impossible to believe that we would relive anything close to the promotion success beating Blackburn in the 1989 play offs. But that was topped the very next season, retaining top flight status and reaching the FA Cup final.  “Surely the

30 Jun 2013

Do Opposites Attract?

So, we are currently straddling the period between the end of the last fantastic season and eagerly looking forward to the new season with Palace in the English Premiership. Having reviewed this prospect over and over in conjunction with the feelings of optimism, hope, excitement and a healthy bit of

27 Jun 2013

The Day We Won The Cup

When Geoff went up to lift the Zenith Cup … We were there!! The Zenith Data Systems Cup was a rather odd competition. Better known as the Full Members Cup before the advertising took hold. The third club trophy up for grabs and always the poor relation, just as the

21 Jun 2013

It Was Not A Dream

Many of us will have had different points at which the incredible result at Wembley finally dawned. I doubt that it would have been the final whistle or even at any stage of that evening or week that followed. For some it was the Carling Cup draw earlier this week but

15 Jun 2013

The Eagles Beak Premier League Fans Squad

Nothing better than a squad of fans to take on the Premier League. We were overrun with your tweets wanting to be involved, even to the point that some of our followers had to miss out on a sqaud number. But here we are, the latest screen shots with massive