19 Jun 2013

We Are Premier League

New badge. New era. In the Premier League! Well here we go, what we have all been waiting for. The proof that it wasn’t all a dream. We are indeed Premier League. Feast your eyes on this list of 38 games and get planning for the season ahead! Please note, dates

15 Jun 2013

The Eagles Beak Premier League Fans Squad

Nothing better than a squad of fans to take on the Premier League. We were overrun with your tweets wanting to be involved, even to the point that some of our followers had to miss out on a sqaud number. But here we are, the latest screen shots with massive

14 Jun 2013

Fan Profile – Paul Edwardson

We have had a few player profiles so it is now time to have our first fan profile. Step forward 35 year old Paul Edwardson who has supported Palace since he was seven years old. 1. Tell us a little about yourself Paul? “I’m originally from Sutton, my father owns an audio/visual company in Croydon

12 Jun 2013

The Eagles Beak

Now that we are in a bit of a lull, the calm of the storm as it were we here at The Eagles Beak would like to thank everyone for their support. It was an idea that had been toyed with at the end of the 2011/12 season to create

11 Jun 2013

Player Profile – Reise Allassani

The fourth in our series of player and fan profiles on the blog and once again through the power of Twitter.  The academy star has been mentioned as one of the most talented players to come through the Crystal Palace youth system in these past few years. High praise indeed for Reise who has

10 Jun 2013

Silly Season

It is a common nickname for this time of year when the football season has ended. But it is more so evident when a team like us has secured promotion to the Premier League through the play offs. When you consider that length of time it takes for the play

06 Jun 2013

Player Profile – Bruce Dyer

The third in our series of player and fan profiles on the blog. Through the power of Twitter once again, Bruce kindly agreed to answer a few questions about his time at Selhurst Park. We thank Bruce for sparing some time to provide us with his comments. The youth set up

01 Jun 2013

The Promised Land

The dream has become reality and we are once again a Premier League team. It is still hard to comprehend. But the blood sweat and tears of the season has been extremely worth it. An absolutely immense achievement.While the dust settles on the result on Monday and the celebrations that

30 May 2013

The Impossible Dream

I still have to pinch myself just to make sure that it is not all a dream. I travelled back from Wembley in quite a daze. Even witnessing the events of that bank holiday Monday afternoon, it is still so hard to comprehend. Even watching the re-runs and highlights several

30 May 2013

I’ll Get You Butler

It was finally the 27th May 2013 and the incredibly long wait for the Championship play-off final had arrived at last. At 07:30am the alarm went off. I had had a fairly bad night’s sleep, went to bed feeling quite relaxed on the surface but inside my head, the cogs