Failed Super League Threatened The Very Game We Love

The developments of last Sunday were not a surprise for many but there was a large element shock across the footballing community at the manner in which clubs had acted in the creation of the European Super League.

There was much speculation during the Manchester United game against Burnley that particular afternoon which spiralled right up until the announcement at around 11.30pm.

The signs were there as all six Premier League sides involved in the venture had unpinned their tweets in lead up to the press release confirming that 12 clubs would be breaking away to form a new European league, bank rolled by investment bankers JP Morgan.

Let’s be honest, something like this has been on the cards for some time particularly when you think back to Project Big Picture but the news still came as a shock. As the details about the European Super League became clear, fans, pundits and jounalists up and down the country shared their disgust, upset and clear disbelief at the news.

Little did those know that had clearly been having discussions and forming alliances to get this league off the ground the kind of reaction they were to receive. TEB were proud to have been part of the campaign against the decision to put games on during the pandemic behind a paywall, but that was just a taster.

This was very different as the future of the domestic game was at stake and the fans more than anyone knew that immediately. Less than 24 hours later, the power of the fans came to the fore in a bid to do their bit and derail what was simply a claim for the clubs involved at grabbing more money for themselves.

Thankfully, after a whirlwind 48 hours, the biggest breaking news in the world of football for some time was dead in the water and it is now time for real change in the game so that such a move cannot be attempted again.

There still remains a threat with the revamp of the Champions League which is going under the radar and you have to wonder if that will appease the self title ‘big’ clubs but it does encourage more games, more money for those taking part and additional places for  historical European performances.

As things developed on Tuesday evening, Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs, and Manchester United followed the lead of Chelsea and Manchester City by dropping out, with all of them issuing very different press releases.

Now the dust is settling, there is an elephant in the room. Nothing to do with the fantastic job football fans have done ever since the news broke, that will never be forgot and people need to remember never to underestimate the power of fans. 

What is the problem right now is the fact that this will not be forgotten. These six Premier League clubs schemed behind everyone’s backs during a pandemic that the modern world had never seen the likes of before, simply because of greed.

The owners of each club sold their players and staff down the river and let the likes of Jurgen Klopp and his players having to face the press before and after their game with Leeds United at Elland Road on Monday evening.

Several Premier League owners have said their piece on the subject including the likes of Gary Neville live on Sky Sports and our very own Steve Parish who spoke very well indeed to several media sources.

When you look at how quickly the football authorities have reacted and acted since the news broke on SUnday evening, you do have to wonder why they cannot act with such speed and force for other things that have tainted out game.

With that being said, each and every club simply must face sanctions, whether it be by domestic associations or European. Fans will never forget what the owners of these clubs made an attempt to do, especially the fans whose clubs were involved.

There is no doubting Fifa and Uefa are far from being the victim here and the Premier League perhaps less so after what was considered a breakaway from the Football League all those years ago, but it was never going to be a closed competition like the Super League. However, perhaps the very nature of the Premier League has created a monster within its realms and unwittingly given enough power to these teams to make them think that such demands are within their rights.

To consider there have been clubs that have suffered financially and ended up in administration and faced severe penalties as a result along with those that fell foul of FFP regulations, something must be handed to these clubs. A fine will not hurt them financially and will just be the easy way our for the governing bodies.

This really stings the football community and has affected every football fan of every club in this country and beyond. You only have to read the statement from AC Milan fan group Curva Sud Ultras to know that fans in England are not alone. To think, not only did the organisers of this doomed competition plan this during the pandemic but they did not even have the balls to reveal their plans when fans were in stadiums, these guys are not stupid.

One viewpoint is that had the venture been successful, it could have benefitted the likes of Palace who would have a better chance of finishing higher in the Premier League and perhaps competing in Europe. Good riddance some fans said, but was that really the bigger picture here?

A return to how football used to be before the money came into the game may not have been the worst thing to happen, but would the Premier League in its new guise have been attractive? Perhaps not, but the potential risk to the whole domestic footballing pyramid may not have been worth gambling with, whatever the outcome may have been.

Whether this all ends up being swept under the carpet or sanctions are handed out, fans will never forget.


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