Beginners Guide To Football Betting

Whenever a new system of gambling is being introduced to the world, it assumes that many will be pleased with the worlds sports book owners or expert punters casually throw around. With some being new to the betting world, here is a guide to what the terms in football betting mean whenever you want to bet on football. 

What Are Odds In Football Betting

This, as some would say, is the price offered to punters by the Sportsbook owners. It tells you the amount you can win in proportion to how many places on a bet, this is called odds. Let’s say you are placing a bet on football, you were given the 3-1 odds and you placed a £10 bet, automatically your winning will be £30 + your £10 stake you placed returned. If the odds are said to be “odds on”, that means the odds are lower than evens, which means it has a higher chance of happening. While if it says ‘odds against’, in this case, the evens are lower than the odds. The people who the bookmakers employ to set the odds are known as the Odds Compiler, they are extremely proficient in mathematics. 


Also known as ACCA, this is a type of bet that allows you to combine four or more selection games into one single wager. In this type of bet, you can only win when all your selection wins. The advantage covering an accumulator bet is that the odds and winnings are much higher but at the expense of increased risk, this type of bet will be lost if one single selection in the accumulator bet slip loses. As they say, higher the risk the greater the chances of getting rich, we don’t know how true that is. Predicting how four or six matches will end can be tough but this is also what makes football betting fun as you can also place bets on football with what you know. 

Over/Under Football Betting 

This is one of the most popular forms of football betting. It is a type of betting on football that lets you predict what the final score of a match will whether it will be over or under. With the goal margin often set by bookmakers being 2.5 goals, if there are three or more goals in a match, it will be said to be over 2.5 but when there are only two or fewer goals scored in the match, then it will be under 2.5. Punters love this type of betting because it doesn’t need to predict who will win or lose the match, just only if the match will be over or under 2.5. 

What you need to do in this type of betting is gather as much information as you can on the match you want to place your bet on. For example, Manchester City has scored averagely two or more goals in every game this 2019/20 football campaign. 

Correct Score 

This is a type of football betting for those punters that are constantly brimming with confidence as this bet allows you to only predict the ‘exact’ score line the football match will end. This also means that when a match ends 3-0 and you predicted 2-0, you automatically lost the bet. The only advantage this type of bet has is, its winnings are higher than any other bets.



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