Transfer Window Hype Losing Its Appeal

It is over a week since the transfer window for January 2016 firmly shut and the curtains were drawn, and it is fair to say all in all, it was one of the dullest across the whole of football for a while.

Manchester City won deadline day, with their announcement that at the end of the season they would be bidding farewell to ‘charming man’ Manuel Pellegrini and welcoming the managerial icon that is Pep Guardiola. However, he may just be reconsidering after they lost spectacularly to surprise league leaders Leicester City at the weekend.

I remember a time when the transfer window was exciting.

The wondering of which players were going to exit clubs and whom would be welcoming who onto their books. It was not just about your club either. Who can forget Spaniard Fernando Torres moving from Liverpool to Chelsea back in January 2011 for, at the time, a record breaking £50 million?

Since the birth of Twitter and the explosion and instant accessibility of information through social media, it seems clear that many people now dread the opening of the transfer window and others use it as excuse to have a moan.

It fascinates me that after all these years a small minority of Palace fans still forget that the club do not rush into anything. Especially since CPFC2010 have been in control and even if they did, I am positive that some would still have something to disagree with. But we are all entitled to our opinions, right?

The thing that we all have to remember is that we are not football managers and we are not all multi-millionaire football club owners. Yes, it is extremely frustrating that Palace wait until the eleventh hour before completing any deals but, it seems to have worked out so far. You only have to look at where we have come in the last five years to see that. Clearly the board have and continue to do something right.

In the week building up to deadline day, Palace completed the signing of Emmanuel Adebayor on a six month deal, bringing him to the club until the end of the season. Have a read of No Player Hungrier Than Adebayor Right Now to find out our editor’s views on our new signing.

Having spent most of the window worrying, speculating and quite frankly moaning we had not signed a player, we had. Not just that, but a striker! Unfortunately for some Palace fans, this was not enough and the moaning continued particularly when it was revealed by Steve Parish live on Holmesdale Radio’s Transfer Special that we would not be welcoming any more players to the club at this stage.

As we are now comfortably into February, and having earned a tough but well deserved point away at Swansea City last Saturday, perhaps the magic is returning and the need for new faces, from some fans, will fade, and they will remember what we have and what they can do.

As Damien Delaney posted on Instagram‘We may not be perfect, we may lack certain things but we continue to plough on regardless … stick with us … we’ll get it right’

Hopefully, everyone will listen to Damo, and the faith will be restored …. That is until the next transfer window opens.

Up the Palace. Bring on the ‘orns!



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