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PalaceFanTV started life in the summer of 2013.

After yet another roller coaster of a season last year; the bad start, the surge up the league, Dougie leaving, a new manager, indifferent form building up the playoffs, the greatest night of my life at the Amex on 13th of May, and winning at Wembley, I started to wish I had something more to remember some great occasions from the season… and that’s just from one year!

I have been a Palace fan my whole life, and began attending matches when I was 8 years old. Almost 20 years later and I love going to watch the team as much now as I did then.

There is one main reason I love going to watch Crystal Palace. The fans.

Our fans create such fantastic atmosphere, win, lose or draw. Regardless of previous results, current form etc. it is the fans more than anything that keeps me coming back week after week. It is these moments I wanted to capture when I started PalaceFanTV: Crystal Palace Fan Videos

If I cannot attend a first team match, I always watch the highlights, player interviews etc. but this was never enough. I always wanted to get a sense of the atmosphere amongst the Palace faithful during the game; to see what our fans see. It is this that I hope to provide for any fan who feels the same.

I have a season ticket in the main stand so expect a video from all league games at Selhurst Park. I do my best to attend as many away games as possible, but with ticket prices and travel these days, I cannot guarantee being able to make every game. #twentysplenty

The videos will be uploaded to YouTube within a day or so of matches, so if you want to keep updated when the videos have gone live, please subscribe to the PalaceFanTV YouTube channel. Just follow the link here.

You can also get updates from PalaceFanTV from the below:






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