18 Nov 2013

View From Across The Pond

Yawn, Another International Break. We are on an international break worldwide and in the most part for friendlies. As I’ve said before on my radio show on blogtalk (Vuvuzela on Tuesday nights), these are pointless. It’s not that matches that are pointless or even club friendlies. Just friendlies for national teams that have just clinched

17 Nov 2013

Time Is A Healer

It has never been easy being a fan of Crystal Palace. You just know that any kind of success is to be followed by a level of failure. And that failure is often followed by a level of success and so on. That’s why it isn’t easy but you have

16 Nov 2013

FFL Week 11

Heading in to the international break here is all you need to know from game week 11 of the fantasy football league. Leaders 1 Dynamo Dan Dan Daniel Bright 73 682 Continuing his recent fine form, Daniel Bright keeps hold of the lead at the top of the table.  He

15 Nov 2013

Palace Fan TV

PalaceFanTV started life in the summer of 2013. After yet another roller coaster of a season last year; the bad start, the surge up the league, Dougie leaving, a new manager, indifferent form building up the playoffs, the greatest night of my life at the Amex on 13th of May,

14 Nov 2013

Palace In Perspective

In Praise Of Dean Moxey Saturday saw a really good performance and result against a club we have a great deal of respect for. As the woulda coulda shoulda reviews of the game subside, we’re okay with a point against a top side.  And a performance epitomised by the commitment

13 Nov 2013

The Eagle Speaks

Who’d have thunk it. Twelve months on from the appointment of Ian Holloway to replace Dougie Freedman we find ourselves in the very same position. Looking for a new manager which, at the time of writing, the search continues. So much has happened in that twelve month period after losing

12 Nov 2013

The Kids Are Just Alright

  It is often heard around the vicinity of SE25 that Crystal Palace’s youth academy is one of the best in the country. Due to the recent slump in form (in truth it’s lasted eight months barring a magnificent play-off campaign), some locals are pining for an exciting youth prospect

11 Nov 2013

View From Across The Pond

The Mystery That Is Freddy Adu There was a hope by Americans that in January of 2004 there was a savior, a the man who would bring the US game to the masses. Or so the hype machine said about Freddy Adu. Now almost a decade later, he’s on the

10 Nov 2013

Selhurst Super Draw

The collapsed road near the ground could have had several meanings. Perhaps the hole had opened up for fans to throw themselves in after the next defeat. Or it could have been a signal for the start of our great escape. It is perhaps early to say that an escape

09 Nov 2013

FFL Week 10

Here is our update on the fantasy football league with each Premier League team having played ten games. Remember, the deadline is 11.30am every Saturday to make any changes to your teams by. Leaders 1 Dynamo Dan Dan Daniel Bright 79 609 Daniel takes the outright lead this week after having to share it in week