29 Sep 2016

What Now For England?

Where do we go from here then, England? Our county cricket system is trying to implode itself. One of our greatest cyclists is being accused of being a drug cheat. The coach of our national team, of our national sport, has gone. What a time to be alive. This is,

27 Sep 2016

Parish And Pardew, The Boys Done Good

Well, this makes it a little bit harder to write doesn’t it? In the summer, it was easy. We could moan about our form, moan about the lack of signings and especially, a lack of a striker. We could moan about selling Yala and Jedi, two club legends. We could

04 Sep 2016

Our Favourite XI – Right Back

The first article of this brand new feature for TEB on goalkeepers was much talked about on social media. Let us be clear, we know there are better players out there than the ones our writers have chosen, but we wanted to choose our ‘favourites’. Those players that do not

03 Sep 2016

Our Favourite XI – Goalkeeper

Everyone has an opinion, especially when it comes to football and more so for the team you follow. You can argue all day long about a ‘Best XI’, but what about a ‘Favourite XI? Those players who, for whatever reason, have a fond place in your heart? There is no

22 Aug 2016

Was It Time To Let The Jedi Go?

The loss of someone with the stature and as highly regard as Mile Jedinak has been at Selhurst Park will always spark raw emotion but most of all, it is the good times that fans will be recall fondly. Our former captain has moved to pastures new with our best

19 Aug 2016

Start Swimmin’ Or Sink Like A Stone

I can’t decide between two great songs. ‘The Times They Are A Changin’ or ‘The Modern World’. Dylan versus Weller. Both songs, both in title and lyrics, reflect how I feel about football and, indeed, Palace. Let’s reminisce a little… I’m not going to lie, I feel pretty lucky to

16 Aug 2016

Bolasie You Later…

Just like that, he was gone. While there was a distinct inevitability about the departure of Yannick Bolasie to Everton once the Merseysiders’ upped their bid to twenty-five million, it was still hard to prepare for it. We were told by Alan Pardew at the weekend to expect as much,

09 Aug 2016

Unallocated Squad Numbers Suggest New Additions

With the new season now just a matter of days away, many Premier League clubs have been frantically negotiating in order to bring in fresh faces to their playing squads. The Eagles are no different on this front, with Andros Townsend, Steve Mandanda and James Tomkins all joining the ranks

05 Aug 2016

Why I NEED the Season to Start

The curtains were drawn. I was awake but not moving. Staring at my pictures and videos from the day before. I’d drunk a lot but the hangover wasn’t from alcohol. It didn’t make sense. I wasn’t supposed to feel like this. As Palace fans, we’ve felt just about every emotion

28 Jul 2016

The Weird And Wonderful World Of Pre-Season

Pre-season is a weird beast. It is a mixture of excitement and disappointment. Excitement comes from the impending new season, the first glimpse of a new signing, catching up with drinking buddies again (or meeting new ones – cheers Jo for the company!), you know, because you cannot possibly see