17 Jan 2017

Why Do We Bother?

Stood at the so called ‘London Stadium’, shaking in the cold, fans understandably streaming out around me, I and thousands of others, couldn’t help but question why we do this. Why do we continue to pay for the torture of watching over-paid and under-caring players in red and blue? We

26 Oct 2016

The Selhurst Comedy Club

Inspired by the ‘Favourite XI’ that TEB writers are currently debating, I began thinking about my most humorous eleven. With all the lows and heartache that we suffer as Palace fans, we need a unique, self-depreciating attitude and an ability to fall in love with even the most pitifully useless

27 Sep 2016

Parish And Pardew, The Boys Done Good

Well, this makes it a little bit harder to write doesn’t it? In the summer, it was easy. We could moan about our form, moan about the lack of signings and especially, a lack of a striker. We could moan about selling Yala and Jedi, two club legends. We could

05 Aug 2016

Why I NEED the Season to Start

The curtains were drawn. I was awake but not moving. Staring at my pictures and videos from the day before. I’d drunk a lot but the hangover wasn’t from alcohol. It didn’t make sense. I wasn’t supposed to feel like this. As Palace fans, we’ve felt just about every emotion

14 Jun 2016

An Englishman In Marseille

Over the weekend, I headed to Marseille for the game. Not because I am a hardened hooligan, or even a die hard England fan. I travelled because I love football. My friend Greg and I bought tickets long before it was deemed that the match would be England versus Russia.