14 Feb 2017

Would Relegation Be So Bad? (Part 1)

Most fans seem to fear relegation from the Premier League but would it be such a bad thing? It certainly wouldn’t be the end of the world.

07 Feb 2017

I’m Gooner Feel Stupid

I’ve always been taught that if I am not sure about something, ask! Don’t just assume the worst and certainly don’t extract revenge without being sure that you’ve been wronged. I’ve thought for a long time that we as a society are too easily offended these days. We tend to

01 Feb 2017

My Second Ejection

My second ejection. This is a story about being over excited and the things that it can involuntarily make you do, leaving you feeling embarrassed.

24 Jan 2017

My First Ejection

My first ejection. I wonder how many of you misread the title? If you did then you might be slightly disappointed by this article. If you didn’t, you still might be disappointed!

18 Jan 2017

Don’t We Have Enough To Complain About?

Currently, Palace sit in a precarious position in the Premier League. In 17th position, one above the relegation zone on goal difference. We have many challenges facing us in the lead up to the end of the season. There are many points we could be discussing such as who to

10 Jan 2017

My Plan For The Beautiful Game

Like many of you, I endured the Swansea game and upon it’s conclusion I felt a mixture of resignation and anger at a range of people. So this morning, during my morning constitutional, I started to think about how I would change football for the better if I were to

28 Dec 2016

Goodbye 2016 And Good Riddance

Just a day or two left and hopefully the nightmare will be over. Yes, 2016 and all the misery that it brought with it will be consigned to the anals annals of history. There isn’t anyone in my circle of acquaintances who isn’t happy to say goodbye to 2016 for

20 Dec 2016

Fraizer Campbell, I Feel For The Guy

I genuinely feel for Frazier Campbell. He doesn’t seem to get much love from the Palace faithful and I am not really sure why because it isn’t like we aren’t used to having attackers who don’t score many goals. In fact we have taken many an attacker into our hearts

13 Dec 2016

Repeating Something Doesn’t Make It True

Towards the end of last season we kept being spoon fed the same old line that ‘Palace are in the most successful period in the clubs history’ and my favourite ‘Palace have never been in the Premier League for a fourth consecutive season before!’ Both these points are true but

06 Dec 2016

Are We Really That Fickle?

Are Palace fans really as fickle as we recently appear to be? I always thought we were several steps above the supporters of ‘big’ teams who love or hate the manager depending on the phase of the Moon, but I appear to be mistaken. I am a fairly recent member