29 Nov 2015

Selhurst Far From A Fortress

Football is a funny old game. Equal parts are delightful and unpredictable with a spattering of infuriation for good measure. So often we convince ourselves that we have it cracked. Our accurate predictions and assumptions of results, positions and qualities of teams can often be correct but feel shattering when

15 Nov 2015

Football Does Not Matter

Football does not matter. Week after week the events that unfold during ninety minutes of football action are analysed excessively, with meaning extracted and hypothesised from everything as mundane as innocuous body language of a participant to the meaningless post-match garble of a player or manager. Football does not matter.

25 Oct 2015

Moments In Time

Sport is very often dictated by fine margins, and football is no different. The difference between success and failure can sometimes be measured in inches, centimetres or even millimetres. Crystal Palace’s second defeat in as many games at the hands of a resplendent Leicester City side of late was a

11 Oct 2015

International Football Can Be A Real Passion

The beginning of the international football break for many has in recent years almost become an inconvenience. In contrast to the football both domestically and inter-continentally that is regularly served up, the international game has seemed to only serve up sub-standard football and a multitude of dead rubbers or non-contests.

27 Sep 2015

Big Day Out

Crystal Palace’s trip to Vicarage Road later today will bring back one of the fondest memories in the club’s history. Fan Chat recalls vividly that blisteringly warm Monday afternoon in May 2013. Up in the skies of Wembley, surrounded by equally nervous and fingernail ridden Palace fans, the opening 105

13 Sep 2015

Loss Fails To Dampen Palace Spirits

This morning is not quite the comedown that most had anticipated. Following the heroics against Chelsea two weeks ago, and the period of calm during a rather dull international break, many had expected Palace to come crashing down to earth with a bang against a marauding Manchester City. This being

30 Aug 2015

Whisper It Quietly, Palace Are Here

Fan Chat is in a good place right now. Having been optimistically extolling the virtues of a theoretically exceptional Crystal Palace side throughout the summer, whilst gradually erring on the side of caution in the opening weeks of the season, Fan Chat’s chest is now there for all to see.

16 Aug 2015

Arsenal Game Good Indicator For Palace

Each passing year at Crystal Palace of late has seemed to bring with it a rapid sense of development. Progress of course made much easier with the pool of resources the Premier League has to offer, but as the Eagles face their first game at Selhurst this season against Arsenal

02 Aug 2015

Hibernation Statement

Picture the scene. It is a bright Sunday morning and for the first time in what seems like an eternity, a little red and blue squirrel nonchalantly emerges from his protective cavern where he has locked himself away during the grim harshness of a football free summer. There is an

24 May 2015

A Brief History Of The Season

We have all seen them. Those movies or television series that have a mouth wateringly explosive opening few sequences, only to dither away in time and transform into something competent, yet underwhelming. Decent, but unspectacular. An opening period laden with explicit scandal, upheaval, shock, awe and heartbreak with a lashing