28 Mar 2016

Good Friday My Arse

Easter is meant to be a time for celebration, excitement and excess. The religious factions reflect on the life and death of a carpenter in the Middle East, who was big on motivational speaking and forgiveness. His craft was not so much shaped around his intricate woodworking skills, but his

13 Mar 2016

Where Were You When Parish Cashed The Cheque?

Crystal Palace’s topsy-turvy season carried on in the same vein on Friday after securing their FA Cup semi final place with a comfortable victory over Championship side Reading. With the impressive cup run contrasting the woeful league form in 2016, many are now beginning to dream about Alan Pardew’s men

29 Feb 2016

Lessons From History

Isn’t this how it always is at Palace? That familiar foreboding that eternally follows Eagles fans around like an overenthusiastic dog wanting to play catch. The drool covered tennis ball repeatedly dropped by your feet serving as a reminder of its presence. While the transformation has seemed endlessly painful for Palace

14 Feb 2016

Social Media Not A Patch On Terrace Chatter

Fickle is a word that comes up with more regularity these days. If one section of supporters take umbrage to a run of poor results over the course of a few weeks, there is another set of fans equally as vociferous at hand to put them in their place. Similarly,

31 Jan 2016

The Importance Of Being Furthest

Cup competitions in England attract a level of praise and attention that seems hard to replicate elsewhere. The long and respected history of the FA Cup has the power to enrapture supporters and players alike, each club with their own footprint throughout its 145 year history. With Wilfried Zaha securing

03 Jan 2016

What A Difference Twelve Months Make

January has a strange effect on people. Sick of having turkey for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Become a vegan. Tired of feeling hungover on those Saturday trips to Selhurst? Try drinking milk. Had enough of fearing you are going to burst out of those trousers? Take them off. The month

13 Dec 2015

Fairytale Of Holmesdale Road

Christmas is here. We fought it in the lead up to Halloween, when London’s first littering’s of Christmas cheer were thrown out by shops looking to capitalise on the commercial hysteria. We gradually came to accept it was getting closer as November came and went. Still not quite happy with

29 Nov 2015

Selhurst Far From A Fortress

Football is a funny old game. Equal parts are delightful and unpredictable with a spattering of infuriation for good measure. So often we convince ourselves that we have it cracked. Our accurate predictions and assumptions of results, positions and qualities of teams can often be correct but feel shattering when

15 Nov 2015

Football Does Not Matter

Football does not matter. Week after week the events that unfold during ninety minutes of football action are analysed excessively, with meaning extracted and hypothesised from everything as mundane as innocuous body language of a participant to the meaningless post-match garble of a player or manager. Football does not matter.

25 Oct 2015

Moments In Time

Sport is very often dictated by fine margins, and football is no different. The difference between success and failure can sometimes be measured in inches, centimetres or even millimetres. Crystal Palace’s second defeat in as many games at the hands of a resplendent Leicester City side of late was a