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Dee Draw With Killie To Move Up Table

Saturday was certainly a frustrating afternoon for Dundee.

The performance wasn’t up to scratch and neither was the result. We did move up to 7th in the league and move a point away for a couple of teams but in the pub before the match, I was really expecting a win against Kilmarnock.

Am I expecting too much from the team? Was it the drink? Or should I just lower my expectations a notch or two?

When it comes to playing your Kilmarnock’s, Hamilton’s, Patricks etc, I’ve always had the mindset that we should be seeing out the game with a win. I’ve always felt that we had a better squad than them but when it comes down to the nitty gritty of it all, we are no better than what they have at their disposal.

From 6th place downwards, all the teams are on par with each other, everyone has taken points off each other and this will no doubt continue until the end of the season. Could you pick a standout team from them all? I would struggle myself. I guess this is why it’s evident in how tight the league is between all of us.

Regardless of my thoughts just now, a few positives from Saturday where it was our sixth league game at Dens without defeat since the end of October and we also moved up a few spaces in the league. We of course were well beaten by St Mirren in the cup but for me, at this moment, it is all about doing enough in the league to make sure we aren’t near the bottom two hence why I’ve only looked at that statistic.

We also looked much more of an attacking side when Craig Wighton came on as substitute and even though he was only on for the last few minutes, Faissal El Bakhtaoui looked dangerous. New signing Henrik Ojamaa had a solid home debut despite drifting out of the game in the second half but a few more matches under his belt and hopefully we will see more of him.

Up next for us is another home match, this time involving Rangers.

It’s been a bit of a circus involving them since their reincarnation back in 2012 and it hit a peak at the weekend when they announced that Mark Warbuton and his magic hat had resigned. He came out not long after that to say he had not stood down and had no idea about the statement. It looks likely that he thought he was a shoe in for the Nottingham Forest job, never got it and the board just thought, “Nah, see ya later.” Comical stuff.

So, Rangers are in dissary, no manager and their next visit is a trip to Dens Park. Our tails should be up for this match, we should be going out thinking that this whole episode will effect the team. Knowing our luck though, they will appoint someone a few days before hand and wallop us 4-0. As a supporter of Dundee, I feel I’ve now learnt to never go into a game thinking we will win!

A draw would be a good result for us here hands down. I can slag them off all I want but they possess the players to dig out victories. We will have to have our wits about us which means a few players who shall remain nameless will have to up their game drastically.

I’d be looking to include Wighton back into the team for this game. With him and Ojamma playing beside Haber, I feel that those three could cause real problems

We are now nine matches away from the split and there isn’t one team who have been caught adrift yet. Caley are the closest to doing so but two wins and they are right in the mix again. I’ve always been one that wants to see at least a semi-decent display from the team if we win but right now, I’ll take being utterly dominated by teams and score a goal in the 91st minute to win the match.




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Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

Daniel has been a Dundee fan for thirty-something years. He Was invited to write for TEB following the Julian Speroni Testimonial. Uses the excuse for drinking on following The Dee.

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