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Palace Struggling Once Again

Can’t 2016 just be over already?

I mean seriously. Please?

A week has more days than we have got wins this year, and this awful run we have been on (despite a positive September) is so prolonged and so worrying, that the owners should really be looking at taking action. Surely we cannot go on like this, losing to West Ham United and Burnley is just unacceptable in our position.

Having not really been a part of the often toxic ‘Pardew Out’ brigade on social media, I am still not going to publicly call for somebody to lose their job, especially as Pardew has such a good association with our club. If this was most other clubs in the Premier League he would definitely have gone some time ago, so why is nothing changing?

There aren’t a huge number of candidates out there to be fair, yet that hasn’t stopped us before. The appointments of Ian Holloway and Alan Pardew both involved compensating other clubs (Blackpool and Newcastle United). Who would we go for? There’s been significant debate on the subject, I’ve heard the name Roberto Mancini on more than one occasion, yet I doubt that despite everything, Pardew will be dismissed anytime soon.

We seem to be having problems all over the pitch, but our defending in recent matches has just been atrocious. It’s actually laughable. Burnley was a classic example of being beaten on the break, something that rarely happened to us in previous years. Furthermore, there is a consistency to our play, we are consistently conceding at set pieces! It has become such a re-occurring problem that even the post-match interviewers are commenting on it. ‘Another set piece goal conceded today Alan, what’s going wrong?‘ was Sky Sports a week ago, and it’s just a repeating cycle.

What’s more frustrating is that we’ve got such a good team now, there are no excuses. Yet, at times, we play like a team who belong in the top ten. Our play is so inconsistent that I genuinely believe Pardew swaps the entire team at half time for body doubles. For years we have played like this, why oh why can’t we just be normal?

I have feared relegation every season since we returned to the Premier League, it’s only natural, yet this season we’ve started a relegation battle which, unless Pardew goes, I’m not sure that we are going to recover from. The damage done so far is nothing compared to the damage of relegation which would be a financial calamity for us. I’ve even contemplated how happy I would be for Dougie Freedman to come back and manage, I mean, how bad could it be?

Under Freedman, there were rarely any defensive errors, we were a poor side that was turned into a winning side on a shoestring budget in less than three years. Could he do it again? No doubt, but will he get the chance? Probably not. It’s a shame he left on such terms, despite feeling contempt towards him originally, I feel he still has a lot to give us.

There’s never a good time to lose a manager, especially not one of Alan Pardew’s calibre, but surely if results don’t turn themselves around soon, that day must be coming. I’m proud to be Palace and will support no matter what league we are in, but it would be devastating to throw away all that we’ve developed. Everything that is good about our club at the moment has come from the money gained through promotion to the Premier League. Lose that, and we lose the television coverage, the excellent social media content, maybe even Chris Grierson!? We can’t lose Chris, he’s great!

On a serious note, this article is very pessimistic. This is Palace after all. We often pull it out of the bag, we can still come back and pull a decent season together. Let’s just hope that whoever is in charge does just that.

We’ve got a brief international break now where the team can really focus on much needed improvements, and we can only hope that there are some by the time we play our next game. It is a very tough run up to Christmas, particularly at home.

During the international break we will continue you some excellent content on TEB including the continuation of our piece on our ‘Favourite Palace XI’. My choices have been pretty generic this time, but there are some interesting ones so I encourage you to have a read when they go live. It’s been fun seeing the different choices made by the team here at TEB, with the different age gaps we have come up with some unusual and often controversial players.

I hope you enjoy the international break, if not for the football, then for our content here on TEB that should keep you going! I’ll be back in two weeks after what is hopefully a home win against Manchester City and I can stop being quite so pessimistic – you never know!



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Jamie Lawrence

Jamie Lawrence

Jamie is a University of Derby student from Essex. Despite the geographical spread, he has been a fan since the age of eight and follows the club through thick and thin. While enjoying the recent success, he knows heartbreak is never more than a second away!

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