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Thirty Is Plenty Was Not The Deal

I want to talk about the recent announcement that Premier League away tickets would be capped at thirty pounds for at least three years starting from next season.

It was seen by many as a win for the fans who have protested against the cost of match day ticket prices in the top flight.

Personally, I do not quite think it is though.

As it stands, away games can be a costly affair. You could be asked to spend fifty quid on a ticket, then a further thirty or forty on travel. Then you have to add food and drink for the day. Plenty of the latter if my previous experiences are anything to go by! You are looking at a hundred pounds or thereabouts. If you go as a family, then we could be talking twice as much.

It is an expensive day out. Especially when you lose.

Some Premier League away tickets already cost less than the new cap. So realistically it means some clubs could still charge more than they already do in lower category games.

On the whole, a cap at thirty pounds does not really do a whole lot for me in the grand scheme of an away day when you add everything else to it.

You have to also realise that with the new television deal from next season all twenty clubs could let fans in for a tenner a pop all season long and still be making a huge amount more than they are this season.

I am not suggesting that is the answer. I mean the clubs lower down the league system genuinely would not be able to compete and that would be wrong. However, a more happier medium of twenty pounds is about right for me.

Remember, we are only talking away tickets here. As much as home tickets should also be on the agenda, they simply will not be.

The Premier League has come out of this announcement looking like the saviors of the game when really it is just a victory for their public relations department.

Fans will always lose out. We get that. But to have our noses rubbed in it as much as we have had for the last few years cannot go on. The players and managers will benefit financially whereas the fans who are the foundations of the sport will continue to suffer.

This token gesture does not appease me. It is a ‘start’ and a bit of a slow one at that. The ‘twenty is plenty’ campaign was exactly that because that is what fans consider fair.

Anyway, here are the statistics from the latest weekend in the Premier League;

Norwich City 0 Manchester City 0 – The Citizens have now won just one of their last five top flight games, and that was at home to Aston Villa.

Bournemouth 3 Swansea City 2 – A great win for the South Coast side. This was the first time they have secured back-to-back wins in the Premier League this season.

Stoke City 1 Southampton 2 – To only let one in at Stoke can be seen as a success. The Saints have conceded just thirty times this season. They have the joint third best defence in the Premier League.

Aston Villa 0 Tottenham Hotspur 2 – Spurs have scored exactly twice in four of their last five games.

Leicester City 1 Newcastle United 0 – City scored with their only shot on target. They will not care though as they went five points clear of second placed Spurs with this win.

Cheers for reading Palace fans, and congratulations on getting to Wembley!



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Dan Watts

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